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(Archives of Opinions/Letters/Documents
Espousing My Personal Conservative Viewpoint
Submitted To News Media --
A Grass Roots Grasp For "Equal Time")

Published ----

Wash Times (Supreme Court Agonizing Decision)12/14/00

B'ham News (Mafia Lesson)11/29/00

Sun Herald (Founding Fathers Set Deadlines)11/28/00

The Huntsville times (Kids Diggin Politics)11/24/00

B'ham Post Herald (Do The Math - Win The Presidency)11/23/00

B'ham Post Herald (Kids Diggin Politics)11/22/00

B'ham Post Herald (Close Race)11/02/00

Ann Star (Close Race)11/01/00

B'ham Post Herald ("Decidedly Undecided")10/26/00

St Clair News Aegis ("UNDECIDED VOTERS") 10/26/00

Montgomery Advertiser ("Oil Slick" Willie at Work)10/05/00

Sun Herald ("Oil Slick Willy")09/29/00

B'ham Post Herald (Our "Just-us" System)09/29/00

B'ham News (Crass Action Suit)09/20/00

St Clair News Aegis (Crass action suit) 09/14/00

Meridian Star (Rebel Flag vs Political Blackness)09/13/00

Montgomery Advertiser (Justice, aka, "just us" System at Work )09/12/00

B'ham Post Herald (Move Over, Elmer Gantry)08/23/00

Sun Herald (LieberAl Team)08/16/00

Meridian Star (LieberAl Team)08/13/00

Montgomery Advertiser (Independence?? Day)07/27/00

B'ham Post Herald (Fireworks Disappointment)07/07/00

Montgomery Advertiser (Let's Play Jeopardy)07/07/00

B'ham Post Herald (No Sodomite Boy Scout Leaders)07/07/00

Meridian Star (Independence?? Day)07/06/00

Montgomery Advertiser (Rodham/Sharpton in 2004?? )06/27/00

US News & World Report (Million Moms March Myth)06/26/00

Meridian Star (MS Term Limits)06/22/00

B'ham Post Herald (Mln Mom March RESPONSE)06/15/00

B'ham Post Herald (GTE Deal??)06/07/00

St Clair News-Aegis(GTE) 06/01/00

Montgomery Advertiser (ALGORE) 05/31/00

B'ham Post Herald (March Myth)05/17/00

Sun Herald (Many Marching Moms Still Don't Get It)05/17/00

B'ham Post Herald(Enmity Award Winner)04/28/00

Meridian Star (Black Springbrawl 2001)04/20/00

Meridian Star (Black Springbrawl 2000)04/16/00

Sun Herald (Offend Black Springbrawlers?) 04/14/00

B'ham Post Herald (Red Chinese FOB) 04/12/00

B'ham Post Herald (Slavery - Get Over It) 04/07/00

Montgomery Advertiser (Red China FOB) 03/20/00

B'ham Post Herald (Two Al's for Price of One) 03/03/00

Sun Herald (Taxi!!) 01/23/00

Meridian Star (Nauseous Ads Ad Nauseam)01/23/00

Bhm PH (Vice Versa?) 01/19/00

Meridian Star (Y2OK??)01/09/00

Sun Herald (Loathing the Military) 01/08/00

Ann Star (Gay/Pedophiles) 01/03/00


Published/Unpublished?? (no hard copy available)


Nobel?? 12/19/00

Protesters 12/18/00

Vote For Nr 2 12/14/00

Concede 12/12/00

Water 12/12/00

Deadline 12/11/00

Congratudolences 12/04/00

Begala 11/26/00

Can We Talk? 11/24/00

DUI/IUD 11/03/00

October Surprise 10/29/00

Democracy Life Span 10/29/00

"Nobble" Peace Prize 10/12/00

AlLied 10/09/00

Second to one 09/26/00

Contortionist 09/15/00

Meridian Star (Our Marines)09/12/00????

Political Blackness 08/22/00

Carpetbagger! 07/14/00

Summitstock 07/12/00


Alzheimer's A Blessing? 05/25/00

Sting? 05/25/00

Afro-Alabama 04/25/00

"Black Springbrawl 2001"! 04/25/00

FOB Sting?? 04/20/00

Spring Blackbrawl 2000 04/16/00

Janet Waco 04/14/00

Gore - You're No Dutch 03/10/00

(Missing An Extra Point's A Crime) 01/11/00

(Race Threat) 01/08/00

(Presidential Vice) 01/07/00